About US

Hi! My name is Mitzi Pate and I am the CEO of OX Publishing NV Limited. My husband, Joel Pate, and I founded OX Publishing in 2007 in an effort to offer a revolving line of credit to credit challenged consumers. We recognize that people need a second chance as we once did. There is no interest gouging for inferior credit score, as a matter of fact, NO interest is charged. No late fees charged either! OX Publishing is an online department store with a multitude of items available including ebooks, physical books, and office supplies. There is no credit inquiry, simply an identity verification.

My husband has since passed away, but my team and I have continued to build on this foundation constantly adding new products.

It has always been and will continue to be my goal to offer a compassionate and respectful customer service department.

Mitzi M. Pate, CEO

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