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How to Get Paid to Watch TV

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Television pounced upon the scene during one of the worst economic
periods in our countrys history the Great Depression. As a result, TVs
introduction to a potential viewing public went largely unnoticed. People
had more than enough to do trying to provide for their families.

Despite that timing, a few people had a chance to view the future. Thats
exactly what they thought TV was, but even they could not have dreamed
of the successful industry television has become. With the advent of cable
television, there are dozens of stations now competing for the viewer and
showing an extraordinary range of programming from week to week.

Early on, there was only one station. NBC (The National Broadcasting
Company) was the first to broadcast programs a few hours a week on the
television set. Its hard to imagine TV today on such a limited basis, but
every industry has to start somewhere.
Within a couple of years,


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