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Knife Throwing Techniques of the Ninja

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An Excerpt::  PROLOGUE



Kenji knew that he must be careful about how he entered

captured, Hon Castle. Even though he was disguised as a

merchant from a distant province, that would mean nothing

to Lord Katsugami’s brutal occupation troops. They would

treat and search him roughly, disgusted at even having to

touch a member of the lower classes. He would have to cower

before them and appear to be submissive. One wrong look,

just meeting the eyes of one of the Samurai, would be taken

as an infraction, reflecting great disrespect for the warrior

class. A deadly iai-jitsu draw and cut would follow, aimed at

the neck of such a vile, disrespectful merchant. On top of

everything else, most of the soldiers would be drinking,

celebrating their recent victory. After raping and pillaging

an entire province, they would need little excuse to spill the

blood of a defenseless merchant.

The young Ninja knew that he might suffer great

indignities at the hands of the invaders, but only if they tried

to slay him would he be forced to defend himself and try to

escape. But that must not happen; he might escape or he

might be killed, but either way his mission would fail, and it

would then be even more difficult for the next Ninja spy to

get in.


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