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Financial Fitness

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Even if you are deep in debt and cannot seem to envision a better financial future, you can achieve financial fitness and have fun doing it with the help of the Financial Fitness book! For the future of our retirement, our savings and our children, the Economics pack is designed with the cure in mind. Financial peace of mind is within reach! Once and for all, it's time to free yourself from the worry and heavy burden of debt. This rampant condition plaguing families everywhere costs a lot more than money! It costs peace of mind and freedom. In today's society influenced by endless opportunities to go deeper in debt, this disease of modern thinking must be cured. The Financial Fitness Pack teaches the principles behind the Offense, Defense, and Playing Field of personal finance. With a basic understanding of these three areas, which are rarely taught together as a whole, anyone can learn to prosper, conserve, and multiply the fruits of his or her labor. Economic affairs do not have to be boring or stressful. Have fun learning how to take charge of your money and be fiscally fabulous! The Financial Fitness Pack includes the Financial Fitness book and workbook as well as eight audio recordings to help you take an honest look at your finances, learn and apply the simple principles of financial success, and get on the path to true financial fitness.


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