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Georgie.  Jacob Abbott

"A short distance from where Rollo lives, there is a small, but very
pleasant house, just under the hill, where you go down to the stone
bridge leading over the brook. There is a noble large apple tree on one
side of the house, which bears a beautiful, sweet, and mellow kind of
apple, called golden pippins. A great many other trees and flowers are
around the house, and in the little garden on the side of it towards the
brook. There is a small white gate that leads to the house, from the
road; and there is a pleasant path leading right out from the front
door, through the garden, down to the water. This is the house that
Georgie lives in.

One evening, just before sunset, Rollo was coming along over the stone
bridge, towards home. He stopped a moment to look over the railing,
down into the water Presently he heard a very sweet-toned voice calling
out to him,"


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