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Keineth Jane Abbott

"Keineth Randolph's world seemed suddenly to be turning upside down!

For the past three days there had been no lessons. Keineth had lessons
instead of going to school. She had them sometimes with Madame Henri,
or "Tante" as she called her, and sometimes with her father. If the sun
was very inviting in the morning, lessons would wait until afternoon;
or, if, sitting straight and still in the big room her father called
his study, Keineth found it impossible to think of the book before her,
Tante would say in her prim voice:

"Dreaming, cherie?" and add, "the books will wait!"

Or, if father was hearing the lessons, he would toss aside the book and
beckon to Keineth to sit on his knee. Then he would tell a story. It
would be, perhaps, something about India or they would travel together
through Norway; or it would be Custer's fight with the Indians or the
wanderings of the Acadians through the English Colonies in America, as
portrayed in Longfellow's Evangeline."


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