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Christopher Carson

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Christopher Carson.  John S C Abbott



Early Training.

Birth of Christopher Carson.--Perils of the Wilderness.--Necessary
   Cautions.--Romance of the Forest.--The Far West.--The
   Encampment.--The Cabin and the Fort.--Kit an Apprentice.--The
   Alarm.--Destruction of a Trading Band.--The Battle and the
   Flight.--Sufferings of the Fugitives.--Dreadful Fate of Mr.
   Schenck.--Features of the Western Wilderness.--The March.


Life in the Wilderness.

A Surgical Operation.--A Winter with Kin Cade.--Study of the
   Languages and Geography.--Return towards Missouri.--Engagement with
   a new Company and Strange Adventures.--The Rattlesnake.--Anecdote
   of Kit Carson.--The Sahara.--New Engagements.--Trip to El
   Paso.--Trapping and Hunting.--Prairie Scenery.--The Trapper's
   Outfit.--Night Encampment.--Testimony of an Amateur Hunter.


Among the Trappers.

The Discomfited Trappers.--The New Party Organized.--A Battle with
   the Indians.--Trapping on the Colorado.--March to the
   Sacramento.--The Friendly Indians.--Crossing the Desert.--Instinct
   of the Mule.--The Enchanting Valley of the Colorado.--The Mission
   of San Gabriel.--Vast Herds of Cattle.--The Mission of San
   Fernando.--Adventures in the Valley of San Joaquin.--The Meeting of
   two Trapping Bands.--Reasons for Kit Carson's Celebrity.--A
   Military Expedition.--The Indian Horse Thieves.--The Pursuit and


Conflicts with the Indians.

The American Trapper.--The Trapper of the Hudson's Bay
   Company.--The Return Trip.--Polished Life in the Wilderness.--The
   Spanish Gentlemen.--Council of the Trappers.--Self-possession of
   Kit Carson.--The Camp Cleared of Intruders.--Robbing the
   Robbers.--Sale of the Furs.--Mr. Fitzpatrick's Expedition.--Pains
   and Pleasures of Rocky Mountain Life.--Pursuit of Indian Horse
   Thieves.--Extraordinary Battle.


Marches and Encampments.

The Encampment Among the Rocky Mountains.--The Attempted
   Stampede.--Retreat and Pursuit by the Savages.--The Alarm.--Loss
   of the Horses.--Their Recovery.--Enterprise of Kit Carson.--Fight
   with the Indians.--The Litter for the Wounded.--Union of the two
   Trapping Parties.--Successful Return to Taos.--Carson joins a
   Trading Party.--Chivalric Adventures.--Attacked by Bears.


The Rendezvous.

Fair in the Wilderness.--The Encampment.--Dispersion of the
   Trappers.--Hostility of the Blackfeet.--Camp on the Big Snake
   River.--The Blackfeet Marauders.--The Pursuit.--The Calumet.--The
   Battle.--Kit Carson wounded.--The Rencontre with Shunan.--The
   Defeat and Humiliation of Shunan.--Remarkable Modesty of
   Carson.--Testimony to Mr. Carson's Virtues.


War with the Blackfeet Indians.

Unsuccessful Trapping.--Disastrous March to Fort Hall.--The Feast
   upon Horse-flesh.--The Hunting Expedition.--Its Rare
   Attractions.--Dogged by the Blackfeet.--Safe Arrival at the
   Fort.--All their Animals Stolen by the Indians.--Expedition to the
   Blackfeet Country.--Winter Quarters with the Friendly
   Indians.--Sufferings of the Animals.--Return to the Blackfeet
   Country.--Battle with the Indians.--Incidents of the Battle.


Encampments and Battles.

The Renewal of the Battle.--Peculiarities of the Fight.--The
   Rout.--Encampment in the Indian Village.--Number of Trappers among
   the Mountains.--The New Rendezvous.--Picturesque Scene of the
   Encampment.--The Missionary and the Nobleman.--Brown's Hole.--The
   Navajoes.--Kit Carson Purveyor at the Fort.--Trapping at the Black
   Hills.--Again upon the Yellowstone.--Pleasant Winter
   Quarters.--Signs of the Indians.--Severe Conflict.--Reappearance
   of the Indians.--Their utter Discomfiture.


The Trapper's Elysium.

Trapping on the Missouri.--Attacked by the Blackfeet.--The
   Battle.--Persevering Hostility of the Indians.--The Trappers
   driven from the Country.--Repair to the North Fork.--Cheerful
   Encampments.--Enchanting Scene.--Village of the Flatheads.--The
   Blessings of Peace.--Carson's Knowledge of Languages.--Pleasant
   Winter Quarters on the Big Snake River.--Successful
   Trapping.--Winter at Brown's Hole.--Trip to Fort Bent.--Peculiar
   Characters.--Williams and Mitchel.--Hunter at Fort
   Bent.--Marriage.--Visit to the States.


Fremont's Expedition.

Carson's Visit to his Childhood's Home.--On the
   Steamer.--Introduction to Fremont.--Object of Fremont's
   Expedition.--Joins the Expedition.--Organization of the Party.--The
   Encampment.--Enchanting View.--Fording the Kansas.--The Stormy
   Night.--The Boys on Guard.--The Alarm.--The Returning
   Trappers.--The Homeless Adventurer.--Three Indians join the
   Party.--First sight of the Buffaloes.--The Chase.


The Return of the Expedition.

Beautiful Prairie Scene.--Fate of the Buffalo Calf.--Vast Buffalo
   Herds.--The Fourth of July on the Plains.--Journey up the South
   Fork of the Platte.--Visit to Fort St. Vrain.--Remonstrance of the
   Chiefs.--Second Marriage of Mr. Carson.--New Engagements.--Perilous
   Ride to Santa Fe.--The Successful Mission.--The Noble Mexican
   Boy.--Conflict with the Savages.--Discomfiture of the
   Indians.--Fremont's Second Expedition.--Carson joins the
   Party.--Course of the Expedition.--Arrival at the Great Salt Lake.


Marches and Battles.

Entering the Lake.--Dangerous Navigation.--The Return to
   Camp.--Feast upon Horse Flesh.--Meeting the Indians.--Joyful
   Meeting.--Return to Fort Hall.--Feasting at the Fort.--The Party
   Diminished.--The Journey down Snake River.--Crossing the Sierra
   Nevada.--Carson Rescues Fremont.--Fort Sutter.--Heroic Achievement
   of Carson.--Disbanding the Party.--The third Expedition.--Crossing
   the Desert.--Threatened by the Mexicans.--Fight with the
   Indians.--The Surprise.--Chastisement of the Indians.


The Dispatch Bearer.

Colonel Fremont.--Hazardous Undertaking of Kit Carson.--Carson's
   Courage and Prudence.--Threatened Danger.--Interview with General
   Kearney, and Results.--Severe Skirmish.--Wonderful Escape of
   Carson.--Daring Adventure.--Fearful Suffering.--Lieutenant
   Beale.--Carson's Journey to Washington.--Adventures on his Return.


The Chivalry of the Wilderness.

Injustice of the Government.--Heroic Resolve of Mr. Carson.--Indian
   Outrages.--The valley of Razado.--Barbaric Murders by Apaches.--An
   Exciting Chase.--An Attractive Picture.--Plot of Fox
   Overthrown.--Gift of Messrs. Brevoort and Weatherhead.--Adventure
   with the Cheyennes.


Recollections of Mountain Life.

Character of the Native Indian.--The Caravan.--Interesting
   Incident.--Effects of Cholera.--Commission of Joe Smith.--Snow on
   the Mountains.--Government Appointment.--Adventure with three
   Bears.--Journey to Los Angelos.--Mt. St. Bernardino.--The
   Spring.--Character of Men.--Insubordination Quelled.--Suffering
   for Water and Relief.--A Talk with Indians.


Recollections of Mountain Life.

Position of The Spring.--The Cachè.--Kit Carson's Character and
   Appearance.--Cool Bravery of a Mountain Trapper.--Untamed Character
   of Many Hunters.--The Surveyor's Camp in an Indian
   Territory.--Terrors from Indians.--Joe Walker.--A Mountain
   Man.--Soda Lake.--Optical Illusion.--Camp on Beaver Lake.--The
   Piyute Chief.--Conversation with Him.--An Alarm.--A Battle.


Frontier Desperadoes and Savage Ferocity.

Original Friendliness of the Indians.--The River Pirates, Culbert
   and Magilbray.--Capture of Beausoliel.--His Rescue by the Negro
   Cacasotte.--The Cave in the Rock.--The Robber Mason.--His
   Assassination.--Fate of the Assassins.--Hostility of the
   Apaches.--Expedition of Lieutenant Davidson.--Carson's Testimony in
   his Favor.--Flight of the Apaches.


The Last Days of Kit Carson.

The Hunting Party.--Profits of Sheep Raising.--Governmental
   Appointment.--Carson's Talk with the Apaches.--His Home in
   Taos.--His Character.--Death of Christopher Carson.


The Last Hours of Kit Carson.


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