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Dear Aspiring Internet Marketer,

"How to make money online? How? How?!" you're asking that almost as if it's a super tough riddle to crack. Trust me, it was just as puzzling a question to me, too, when I got all started out in Internet Marketing.

I knew next-to-nothing about making money online until I make my own discoveries. At my own expense, of course. While the trying times of trial and error are over for me, it's the one period in my life I dread most.

And you're going through it right now.

You probably know next-to-nothing about making money online, too, or else your income won't be next-to-nothing, either. Now, don't fly into the offence zone too soon and I apologize if you were taken aback by the last sentence.

But I really want to share a powerful advice with you. NOT that it will guarantee you quick riches, but it CAN guarantee you will accelerate your learning curve by leaps and bounds.

Just Be Like Soichiro Honda.

"Who is Soichiro Honda?" you might ask.

While I'll have to offer you a short trip back into history lessons before we move on to the juicy point of this letter, Soichiro Honda predicted that oil supplies would not last forever so made small cars. True to his vision, the Honda cars that were misers in oil consumption became the choice of most motorists.

And so this is the guy who found the Honda cars. But what has this got to do with you BECOMING like HIM?

You see, other than what Honda was famous for during his time, what most people didn't know is that Honda modeled himself and his success after Napoleon Bonaparte. Honda said, "Like Napoleon, I'm short, came from a poor family, and was born on an island and managed to conquer a continent."

It's Modelling Success In A Nutshell.

This is one of the fastest way possible to achieving success online: you simply need to find and recognize a successful Internet Marketer and model after him or her.

By this, I do not mean that you should copy his or her product literally but you can very well duplicate his or her money making method for your own in perhaps a niche of your choice (to conquer!).

It's not only a no-brainer. You don't have to commit as many mistakes as the Internet Marketer you model after since what he or she is doing is already proven to work.

Now, finding a successful marketer to model after can also prove to be quite a challenge. Sometimes, watching someone doing something isn't enough. You would understand better if you know what the marketer is thinking and planning as well. And perhaps, you will do even well to model after a marketer who once started like you.

But what if you have the opportunity to:

  • Model after 11 powerful Asian Tigers successful and making money in their own rights?
  • Discover 11 completely different making money methods online, each varying from another?
  • Copy for your own, mix and match the plans, and use it in your favor?


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