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The Spoilers

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An Excerpt:  "Bill's ally then started towards the others, his body bent, his
arms flexed yet hanging loosely. He crouched beside the girl,
ignoring her, while she heard the breath wheezing from his lungs;
then silently he leaped. Glenister had hurled a man from him, then
stepped back to avoid the others, when he was seized from behind
and felt the man's arms wrapped about his neck, the sailor's legs
locked about his thighs. Now came the girl's first knowledge of
real fighting. The two spun back and forth so closely entwined as
to be indistinguishable, the others holding off. For what seemed
many minutes they struggled, the young man striving to reach his
adversary, till they crashed against the wall near her and she
heard her champion's breath coughing in his throat at the
tightening grip of the sailor."


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