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The Scornful Lady

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An Excerpt:  "_El. Lo._ You wrong me.

_La._ Then to land dumb, unable to enquire for an English hoast, to remove
from City to City, by most chargeable Post-horse, like one that rode in
quest of his Mother tongue.

_El. Lo._ You wrong me much.

_La._ And all these (almost invincible labours) performed for your
Mistris, to be in danger to forsake her, and to put on new allegeance to
some _French_ Lady, who is content to change language with your laughter,
and after your whole year spent in Tennis and broken speech, to stand to
the hazard of being laught at, at your return, and have tales made on you
by the Chamber-maids.

_El. Lo._ You wrong me much.

_La._ Louder yet.

_El. Lo._ You know your least word is of force to make me seek out
dangers, move me not with toyes: but in this banishment, I must take leave
to say, you are unjust: was one kiss forc't from you in publick by me so
unpardonable? Why all the hours of day and night have seen us kiss."


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