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Young Adventure, A Book Of Poems

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An Excerpt:  "This poem received the nineteenth award of the prize offered
by Professor Albert Stanburrough Cook to Yale University
for the best unpublished verse, the Committee of Award consisting of
Professors C. F. Tucker Brooke, of Yale University, Robert Frost,
of Amherst College, and Charles M. Gayley, of the University of California.


The Drug-Shop, or, Endymion in Edmonstoun

"Oh yes, I went over to Edmonstoun the other day and saw Johnny,
mooning around as usual!  He will never make his way."
                                             Letter of George Keats, 18--


Night falls; the great jars glow against the dark,
Dark green, dusk red, and, like a coiling snake,
Writhing eternally in smoky gyres,
Great ropes of gorgeous vapor twist and turn
Within them.  So the Eastern fisherman
Saw the swart genie rise when the lead seal,
Scribbled with charms, was lifted from the jar;
And -- well, how went the tale?  Like this, like this? . . ."


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