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An Excerpt:  "Clairvoyants were occasionally justified by the appearance on sensitive photographic plates of figures seen and described by them as present with the sitter, though invisible to physical sight. It is not possible for an unbiassed judgment to reject in
toto the evidence of such occurrences proffered by men of integrity on the
strength of their own experiments, oftentimes repeated. And now we have
investigators who turn their attention to the obtaining of images of subtle
forms, inventing methods specially designed with the view of reproducing them.
Among these, Dr Baraduc seems to have been the most successful, and he has
published a volume dealing with his investigations and containing reproductions
of the photographs he has obtained. Dr Baraduc states that he is investigating
the subtle forces by which the soul-defined as the intelligence working between
the body and the spirit-expresses itself, by seeking to record its movements by
means of a needle, its "luminous" but invisible vibrations by impressions on
sensitive plates. He shuts out by non-conductors electricity and heat. We can
pass over his experiments in Biometry (measurement of life by movements), and
glance at those in Iconography-the impressions of invisible waves, regarded by
him as of the nature of light, in which the soul draws its own image. A number
of these photographs represent etheric and magnetic results of physical
phenomena, and these again we may pass over as not bearing on our special
subject, interesting as they are in themselves."


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