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The Velveteen Rabbit

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An Excerpt:  "One evening, when the Boy was going to bed, he couldn't find the china dog that always slept with him. Nana was in a hurry, and it was too much trouble to hunt
for china dogs at bedtime, so she simply looked about her, and seeing that the
toy cupboard door stood open, she made a swoop.
"Here," she said, "take your old Bunny! He'll do to sleep with you!" And she
dragged the Rabbit out by one ear, and put him into the Boy's arms.
That night, and for many nights after, the Velveteen Rabbit slept in the Boy's
bed. At first he found it rather uncomfortable, for the Boy hugged him very
tight, and sometimes he rolled over on him, and sometimes he pushed him so far
under the pillow that the Rabbit could scarcely breathe. And he missed, too,
those long moonlight hours in the nursery, when all the house was silent, and
his talks with the Skin Horse. But very soon he grew to like it, for the Boy
used to talk to him, and made nice tunnels for him under the bedclothes that he
said were like the burrows the real rabbits lived in. And they had splendid
games together, in whispers, when Nana had gone away to her supper and left the
night-light burning on the mantelpiece. And when the Boy dropped off to sleep,
the Rabbit would snuggle down close under his little warm chin and dream, with
the Boy's hands clasped close round him all night long."


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