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Narrative Of The Life And Adventures Of Henry Bibb

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 An Excerpt:  "He confessed his guilt and promised to do better for the future-and on his
  making promises of this kind my father was disposed to keep him still, not
  wishing to part him from his wife, for whom he professed to entertain the
  strongest affection. When the Christmas Holidays came on, the old man, as is
  usual in this country, gave his negroes a week Holiday. Walton, instead of
  regaling himself by going about visiting his colored friends, took up his line
  of march for her Britanic Majesty's dominions.
  He was gone about two years I think, when I heard of him in Cincinnati; I
  repaired thither, with some few friends to aid me, and succeeded in securing
  He was taken to Louisville, and on the next morning after our arrival there,
  he escaped, almost from before our face, while we were on the street before
  the Tavern. He succeeded in eluding our pursuit, and again reached Canada in
  Nothing daunted he returned, after a lapse of some twelve or eighteen months,
  with the intention, as I have since learned, of conducting off his wife and
  eight or ten more slaves to Canada.
  I got news of his whereabouts, and succeeded in recapturing him. I took him to
  Louisville and together with his wife and child, (she going along with him at
  her owner's request,) sold him. He was taken from thence to New Orleans-and
  from hence to Red River, Arkansas-and the next news I had of him he was again
  wending his way to Canada, and I suppose now is at or near Detroit."


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