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Wall Street To London Prison

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An Excerpt:  "Here was a picture, indeed. Three American adventurers, two of them barely past their majority, standing in the throne room of Windsor Castle, and plotting to
strike a blow at the money bags of the Bank of England!
The idea grew on us rapidly. After dinner we sat in the twilight of that old inn
and discussed the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street from a point of view from
which she had probably never been discussed before. I can imagine with what
scorn the idiotically puffed and bepuffed magnates of the bank would have
regarded us had they known of our discussion.
They afterwards boasted to me, as they had boasted for a century, that their
system was perfect, and as a proof that it was so they widely proclaimed they
had not changed it in a hundred years. They had proclaimed so loudly and so long
its absolute invulnerability that they not only believed it themselves, but all
the world had come to believe it as well. "Safe as the bank" was a proverb
everywhere underlying the English tongue.
In our discussion we speedily came to the conclusion that any system of finance
unchanged in detail for a century, belief in the perfection of which was an
article of faith not alone with the officials charged with its management, but
with the people of England at large, must, in the very nature of the case, lie
wide open to the attack of any man bold enough to doubt its impregnability and
resolute to attack."


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