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The Admiral's Caravan

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An Excerpt:  "Dorothy gave a little scream of dismay; but the Admiral, who didn't appear to be in the least disturbed by this accident, sat up and gazed about with a
complacent smile. Then, getting on his feet, he took a pipe out of his pocket,
and lit it with infinite relish; and having turned up his coat-collar by way of
keeping the rest of his clothes dry, he started off down the street without
another word. The people going by had all disappeared in the most unaccountable
manner, and Dorothy could see him quite plainly as he walked along,[Pg 22]
tacking from one side of the street to the other with a strange rattling noise,
and blowing little puffs of smoke into the air like a shabby little steam-tug
going to sea in a storm.
Now all this was extremely exciting, and Dorothy, quite forgetting the rain, ran
down the street a little way so as to keep the Admiral in sight. "It's precisely
like a doll going traveling all by itself," she exclaimed as she ran along. "How
he rattles! I suppose that's his little cracked legs-and goodness gracious, how
he smokes!" she added, for by this time the Admiral had fired up, so to speak,
as if he were bound on a long journey, and was blowing out such clouds of smoke
that he presently quite shut himself out from view. The smoke smelt somewhat
like burnt feathers, which, of course, was not very agreeable, but the worst of
it was that when Dorothy turned to run home again she discovered that she
couldn't see her way back to the porch,"


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