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Games For Halloween

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An Excerpt:  "The dining-room should also be in total darkness, except for the light
given by the Jack-o'-lanterns, until the guests are seated, when they
should unmask. The supper could be served in this dim light or the
lights turned up and the room made brilliant. After the supper is over
and while the guests are still seated a splendid idea would be to
extinguish all the lights and to have one or more of the party tell
ghost stories.

Have a large pumpkin on a stand or table from which hang as many
ribbons as there are guests. Have one end of the ribbon attached to a
small card in the pumpkin on which may be a little water color sketch
of pumpkin, apples, witch, ghost or other appropriate design together
with a number. Have red ribbon for the girls and yellow ribbon for the
boys, with corresponding numbers. Let each guest draw a ribbon from
the pumpkin and find their partner by number.

Another suggestion is to have the hall totally dark with the door ajar
and no one in sight to welcome the guests. As they step in they are
surprised to be greeted by some one dressed as a ghost who extends his
hand which is covered with wet salt."


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