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The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

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An Excerpt:  ""Ah, fine cowboy!" exclaimed the grandfather bursting with pride in his
exploits. "Here are five dollars for you to give a handkerchief to some china."
The old man, in his increasing mental confusion, did not gauge his gifts exactly
with the lad's years; and the infantile horseman, while keeping the money, was
wondering what china was referred to, and why he should make her a present.
Desnoyers finally had to drag his son away from the baleful teachings of his
grandfather. It was simply useless to have masters come to the house, or to send
Julio to the country school. Madariaga would always steal his grandson away, and
then they would scour the plains together. So when the boy was eleven years old,
his father placed him in a big school in the Capital.
The grandfather then turned his attention to Julio's three-year-old sister,
exhibiting her before him as he had her brother, as he took her from ranch to
ranch. Everybody called Chicha's little girl Chichi, but the grandfather
bestowed on her the same nickname that he had given her brother, the "peoncito."
And Chichi, who was growing up wild, vigorous and wilful, breakfasting on meat
and talking in her sleep of roast beef, readily fell in with the old man's
tastes. She was dressed like a boy, rode astride like a man, and in order to win
her grandfather's praises as "fine cowboy," carried a knife in the back of her
belt. The two raced the fields from sun to sun, Madariaga following the flying
pigtail of the little Amazon as though it were a flag. When nine years old she,
too, could lasso the cattle with much dexterity.
What most irritated the ranchman was that his family would remember his age."


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