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The War Romance Of The Salvation Army

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An Excerpt:  "Out there across the waters the Salvation Brothers and Sisters were
ministering to the British armies at the front, and now that the American
army was going, too, duty seemed very clear; the call was most imperative!

The written pages on her desk loudly demanded attention and the Commander
tried to bring her thoughts back to them once more, but again and again
the call sounded in her heart.

She lifted her eyes to the wall across the room from her desk where hung
the life-like portrait of her Christian-Warrior father, the grand old
keen-eyed, wise-hearted General, founder of the movement. Like her father
she knew they must go. There was no question about it. No hindrance should
stop them. They MUST GO! The warrior blood ran in her veins. In this the
world's greatest calamity they must fulfill the mission for which he lived
and died.

"Go!" Those pictured eyes seemed to speak to her, just as they used to
command her when he was here: "You must go and bear the standard of the
Cross to the front. Those boys are going over there, many of them to die,"


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