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An Excerpt:  ""Oh, golly! Oh-h, good golly!" he murmured ecstatically, his eyes taking in the
full sweep of the great wings. "It's too good to be true. No, it ain't; it's too
good not to be true! You wait. I'll show the Rolling R bunch-you wait!"
He rolled to an elbow and looked back along the fuselage to the tail, his eyes
dwelling fondly on the clean lines of her, the perfect symmetry, the glossy,
unharmed covering. His glance went farther, to where the brother of Tomaso
plodded toward the basin's rim, peering here and there, pausing to look under a
bush, swerving to make sure the lost fuselage was not behind a rock.
Johnny's grin widened. Presently it exploded into a laugh, which he smothered
with both hands clapped over his mouth. He writhed and kicked and rolled in the
sand. His round, blue eyes grew moist with the tears of a boy's exuberant mirth.
From behind his palms came muffled who-who-who-oo-oos of laughter.
He believed that he was laughing at the trick he had played on Tomaso's brother.
He was doing more than that: he was making up for all the sober longing, for all
the fears and the discouragements of his barren life. There had been so much
hoping and sighing and futile wishing-it had been so long since Johnny Jewel had
really laughed-and he was young, and youth is the time of carefree laughter. Now
nature was striking a balance for him."


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