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The Doll And Her Friends

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An Excerpt:  "'Seven shillings,' said the shopwoman, taking the doll from her place, and
displaying her pretty face and hands to the utmost advantage.
'I have three half-crowns,' said the little girl.
'But if you spend seven shillings on the doll,' answered the lady, 'you will
only have sixpence left for the paint-box.'
'What does a paint-box cost?' asked the child.
'We have them of all prices,' replied the shopkeeper; 'from sixpence to seven
The little girl examined several with great care, and stood some time in
deliberation; at last she said, 'I don't think Willy would like a sixpenny one.'
'It would be of no use to him,' answered the lady. 'He draws well enough to want
better colors. If you gave it to him, he would thank you and try to seem
pleased,[15] but he would not really care for it. However, he does not know that
you thought of making him a birthday present, so you are at liberty to spend
your money as you like.'
'Would he care for a seven shilling one?' asked the little girl."


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