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Tabitha At Ivy Hall

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An Excerpt:  " The faded calico bonnet caught on his toes and he tossed it high in the air,
letting it fall far out in the dust of the road. Never pausing to see what was
the fate of her possessions, the child let out one scream of animal rage, and
with a tiger-like spring caught the feet of her enemy and jerked the coward off
his perch.
Taken off his guard, he fell heavily into the road, crushing her beneath him,
and raising such a cloud of dust that both were nearly smothered; but with a
dexterous twist she freed herself, and, unconscious of the dust, the boy's
screams or the sound of answering shouts in the pasture nearby, she fell to
pummelling her helpless victim with relentless fists, all the while screaming at
the top of her voice,
"I am a Tabby Catt, am I? I am scrawny and skinny, am I? Well, you're a coward,
a good-for-nothing coward, and so is your big brother. He wouldn't dare fight
Tom, and you wouldn't dare say such things to me if Tom was anywhere near.
You're a bully, an overgrown baby, a 'fraid-cat! Yes, that's[16] what you are! I
may be a Tabby Catt, but I'm not a 'fraid-cat. I may be skinny and scrawny now,
but I reckon you will be, too, when I get through with you, Joe Pomeroy! You're
the sneakin'est sneak that ever lived-except your brother. 'Fraid-cat, sneak,
sneak, sneak, s-n-e-a-k-""


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