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Tabitha's Vacation

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An Excerpt:  "She paused, all out of breath, to mop her steaming forehead; and Tabitha,
studying the flushed, shining face, wondered that she had ever thought Mercedes
McKittrick dull and homely.
"Isn't that fine?" she heard Gloriana saying, as heartily as if she had not
known anything about the telegram before. "What are the rest of you going to do
while your mother is away? You children, I mean."
"That's how I happened to come here," Mercedes replied, her eyes losing some of
their glow as she recalled her errand in that part of the town. "Mamma sent me
down to Miss Davis' house with a note, but she isn't there; and the woman next
door says she has gone to Riverside for two weeks. I s'pose we'll have to find
someone else instead. But I was so near I couldn't help running on down to tell
the news. I must be going now. There is lots to be done before train time
to-morrow, and mamma'll need me."
"We will come up and help her pack as soon as we get the house righted," Tabitha
found tongue to say. "She mustn't get too tired before she starts."
So Mercedes raced away again, and a few moments later the two busy little
housekeepers in the hollow locked up their orderly cottage and followed more
slowly up to the Eagles' Nest on the bluff.
"Where can the children be?" Tabitha's expectant eyes searched in vain for a
glimpse of the noisy, lively brood of 'eaglets,' who usually saw her coming a
long way off, and met her half-way down the mountainside with a boisterous shout
of welcome. To-day, however, not one of the sextette was in sight about the
queer little brown house, and the whole place wore a deserted air."


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