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Ralph Granger's Fortunes

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An Excerpt:  ""Where are we?" he asked.
"We'se in Savanny. Been yere nigh 'bout an hour. I seed yo' was tired, an' I
'lowed I'd let yer sleep. But I'se got ter sweep out now."
When Ralph emerged from the depot he found himself on a sandy unpaved street,
with many half shabby frame houses about and a number of tall pines in the
He followed a line of trucks and drays towards the business part of the city,
and presently dropped into a cheap eating house for breakfast.
After that he began to inquire for the Marshall House, which he found to be a
large, red brick hostelry, with a broad second story veranda in front. The
sidewalk beneath was sprinkled with chairs partially occupied by men reading
their morning papers or smoking.
A few glanced curiously at the roughly dressed boy, who made his way into a
large hall and office combined, where trunks and grips were stacked up by the
score, and trim porters and waiters were gliding to and fro.
He instantly felt himself out of place amid those well dressed people, and smart
servants. It was his first experience with a first class city hotel.
So low did his courage ebb at first that he very nearly made up his mind to
retreat without attempting to see Captain Gary. In his unwashed, uncombed
condition, the contrast between himself and those around was embarrassing enough
even to his crude conception."


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