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How To Tell Stories To Children

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An Excerpt:  "The nature story shares its influence especially with THE HISTORICAL STORY As the one widens the circle of connection with other kinds of life, the other
deepens the sense of relation to past lives; it gives the sense of background,
of the close and endless connection of generation with generation. A good
historical story vitalises the conception of past events and brings their
characters into relation with the present. This is especially true of stories of
things and persons in the history of our own race. They foster
race-consciousness, the feeling of kinship and community of blood. It is this
property which makes the historical story so good an agent for furthering a
proper national pride in children. Genuine patriotism, neither arrogant nor
melodramatic, is so generally recognised as having its roots in early training
that I need not dwell on this possibility, further than to note its connection
with the instinct of hero-worship which is quick in the healthy child. Let us
feed that hunger for the heroic which gnaws at the imagination of every boy and
of more girls than is generally admitted. There have been heroes in plenty in
the world's records,-heroes of action, of endurance, of decision, of faith."


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