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The Empire Annual For Girls, 1911

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An Excerpt:  "Fifteen months afterwards there was great rejoicing in Mrs. Forrest's small and
overcrowded house in Croydon, because her youngest brother had returned from New
Zealand with quite a large fortune, which he declared gallantly that he was
going to share with her.
"Half shall be settled on you and your children, Margaret," he said, "as soon as
the lawyers can fix it up. You will be able to send your boys to Oxford, and
give your girls dowries. By the by, how is my old favourite Ethel? And what is
she doing?"
"She teaches physical culture in a large ladies' college in the West End. It is
a good appointment. Her salary has been raised; it is now £130, with board and
That did not seem much to the wealthy colonial, but he smiled. "And how did she
get the post?" he said.[63] "I remember in one of your letters you complained
that her education had cost a lot, and that she was very unlucky about getting
anything to do.""


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