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Egyptian Ideas Of The Future Life

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An Excerpt:  "The Egyptian saw no incongruity in setting
references to the "gods" side by side with allusions to a god whom we cannot
help identifying with the Supreme Being and the Creator of the world; his ideas
and beliefs have, in consequence, been sadly misrepresented, and by certain
writers he has been made an object of ridicule. What, for example, could be a
more foolish description of Egyptian worship than the following? "Who knows not,
O Volusius of Bithynia, the sort of monsters Egypt, in her infatuation,
worships. One part venerates the crocodile; another trembles before an ibis
gorged with serpents. The image of a sacred monkey glitters in gold, where the
magic chords sound from Memnon broken in half, and ancient Thebes lies buried in
ruins, with her hundred gates. In one place they venerate sea-fish, in another
river-fish; there, whole towns worship a dog: no one Diana. It is an impious act
to violate or break with the teeth a leek or an onion. O holy nations! whose
gods grow for them in their gardens! Every table abstains from animals that have
wool: it is a crime there to kill a kid. But human flesh is lawful food." [16]
The epithets which the Egyptians applied to their gods also bear valuable
testimony concerning the ideas which they held about God."


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