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Rambles In The Mammoth Cave

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An Excerpt:  "Such is the vestibule of the Mammoth Cave,-a hall which hundreds of visitors
have passed through without being conscious of its existence. The path, leading
into the Grand Gallery, hugs the wall on the left hand; and is, besides, in a
hollow, flanked on the right hand by lofty mounds of earth, which the visitor,
if he looks at them at all, which he will scarcely do, at so early a period
after entering, will readily suppose to be the opposite walls. Those who enter
the Great Bat Room, (Audubon Avenue,) into which flying visitors are seldom
conducted, will indeed have some faint suspicion, for a moment, that they are
passing through infinite space; but the walls of the Cave being so dark as to
reflect not one single ray of light from the dim torches, and a greater number
of them being necessary to disperse the gloom than are usually employed, they
will still remain in ignorance of the grandeur around them.
Such is the vestibule of the Mammoth Cave, as described by the ingenious author
of "Calavar," "Peter Pilgrim," &c.
From the vestibule we entered Audubon Avenue, which is more than a mile long,
fifty or sixty feet wide and as many high. The roof or ceiling exhibits, as you
walk along,"


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