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The Maternal Management Of Children

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An Excerpt:  "2. WET-NURSE SUCKLING.

 Ill health and many other circumstances may prevent a parent from
suckling her child, and render a wet-nurse necessary. Now, although she
will do wisely to leave the choice of one to her medical attendant,
still, as some difficulty may attend this, and as most certainly the
mother herself ought to be acquainted with the principal points to
which his attention is directed in the selection of a good nurse, it
will be well to point out in what they consist.


The first thing to which a medical man looks, is the general health of
the woman; next, the condition of her breast, the quality of her milk
its age and her own; whether she is ever unwell while nursing; and,
last of all, the condition and health of the child.

IS THE WOMAN IN GOOD HEALTH?--Her general appearance ought to bear the
marks of a sound constitution, and ought to be free from all suspicion
of a strumous character; her tongue clean, and digestion good; her
teeth and gums sound and perfect; her skin free from eruption, and her
breath sweet."


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