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Fairy Tales, Their Origin And Meaning

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An Excerpt:  "Now it is plain that we cannot speak of all these dwellers in
Fairyland; but we can only pick out a few here and there, and
those of you who want to know more must go to the books that
tell of them. As to me, who have undertaken to tell something of
these wonders, I feel very much like the poor boy in the little
German story of "The Golden Key." Do you know the story? If you
don't, I will tell it you. "One winter, when a deep snow was
lying on the ground, a poor boy had to go out in a sledge to
fetch wood. When he had got enough he thought he would make a
fire to warm himself, for his limbs were quite frozen. So he
swept the snow away and made a clear space, and there he found a
golden key. Then he began to think that where there was a key
there must also be a lock; and digging in the earth he found a
small iron chest. 'I hope the key will fit,' lie said to
himself, 'for there must certainly be great treasures in this
box.' After looking all round the box he found a little keyhole,"


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