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Caring For Your Hamster

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While it's true that hamsters are small and generally easy to care for that doesn't mean you should take the responsibility of their care lightly. Afterall, once you have decided to get and care for a hamster as a cherished pet and companion you have decided to put your hamsters life in your hands.

Your hamster will depend on you for food, shelter, medical attention (when needed) and of course lots of personal care and attention from you. This may seem like an obvious thing to you, but no pet should be considered if you don't have the time or the will to properly take care of it.

Cage cleaning, feeding and daily handling are all important tasks that can't be overlooked if you are to keep your hamster happy and healthy. Once you have decided that you can and want to take on all the responsibilities of caring for a hamster as your new pet, you should make sure you are informed about exactly what that means to you, the pet owner.

Ready to get started? Well, then come on, lets explore some of the things you should know about your new pet...


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