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David Blaine's Magic Tricks Revealed

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You've seen the top illusionists do it on TV, Now YOU can do it too!

Discover the most awesome illusions and perform them yourself! Imagine - totally fooling your friends and being the absolute CENTRE OF ATTENTION!!!

Now you can discover how all of the most stunning street magic tricks are done in this awesome master manual of illusions. We reveal all of the most amazing tricks as performed by David Blaine in his video specials. From the simplest card tricks to the weirdest illusions, this eBook covers the lot.

Armed with the knowledge in this one eBook, you'll have the ability to make the impossible happen, anytime, anywhere, and in front of anyone! Before long, your friends will start to see you as a miracle worker! You'll be able to amaze anyone at anytime with an incredible array of illusions. You can make people think you're psychic. You can liven up parties and gain respect from everyone. Plus, you can win bets and make money performing in the street, bars, restaurants and at private parties!


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