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The People That Time Forgot

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By Edgar Rice Burroughs.  An Excerpt:

"Our fire was just within the cave, the smoke rising through the
apertures between the rocks that I had piled in such a way that
they arched inward toward the cliff at the top.  The opening by
means of which we were to reach the outside was barricaded with a
few large fragments which did not by any means close it entirely;
but through the apertures thus left no large animal could gain
ingress.  I had depended most, however, upon our fire, feeling
that none of the dangerous nocturnal beasts of prey would venture
close to the flames.  In this, however, I was quite evidently
in error, for the great bear stood with his nose not a foot from
the blaze, which was now low, owing to the fact that I had been
so occupied with my lesson and my teacher that I had neglected to
replenish it."


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