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The Beasts of Tarzan

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By Edgar Rice Burroughs.  An Excerpt:

Tarzan nodded.

"Let's be about it, then," he said.

His guide led him to a small boat moored alongside the wharf.   The
two men entered, and Paulvitch pulled rapidly toward the steamer.
The black smoke issuing from her funnel did not at the time make
any suggestion to Tarzan's mind.  All his thoughts were occupied
with the hope that in a few moments he would again have his little
son in his arms.

At the steamer's side they found a monkey-ladder dangling close
above them, and up this the two men crept stealthily.   Once on
deck they hastened aft to where the Russian pointed to a hatch.

"The boy is hidden there," he said.  "You had better go down after
him, as there is less chance that he will cry in fright than should
he find himself in the arms of a stranger.   I will stand on guard

So anxious was Tarzan to rescue the child that he gave not the
slightest thought to the strangeness of all the conditions surrounding
the Kincaid.  That her deck was deserted, though she had steam up,
and from the volume of smoke pouring from her funnel was all ready
to get under way made no impression upon him.


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