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Jungle Tales of Tarzan

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By Edgar Rice Burroughs.  An Excerpt:

"In her wild, fierce way Kala had loved her adopted son,
and Tarzan had returned that love, though the outward
demonstrations of it were no greater than might have
been expected from any other beast of the jungle.
It was not until he was bereft of her that the boy
realized how deep had been his attachment for his mother,
for as such he looked upon her.

In Teeka he had seen within the past few hours a
substitute for Kala--someone to fight for and to hunt
for--someone to caress; but now his dream was shattered.
Something hurt within his breast.  He placed his hand
over his heart and wondered what had happened to him.
Vaguely he attributed his pain to Teeka.  The more he
thought of Teeka as he had last seen her, caressing Taug,
the more the thing within his breast hurt him.

Tarzan shook his head and growled; then on and on
through the jungle he swung, and the farther he traveled
and the more he thought upon his wrongs, the nearer
he approached becoming an irreclaimable misogynist.

Two days later he was still hunting alone--very morose
and very unhappy; but he was determined never to return
to the tribe.  He could not bear the thought of seeing
Taug and Teeka always together.  As he swung upon
a great limb Numa, the lion, and Sabor, the lioness,..."


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