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1079 Auction Words

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Dear Friend,

This ebook is a massive collection of MAGIC words and phrases that will grab your prospect's attention, INFLUENCE them to visit your auction page and PERSUADE them to bid-on or buy your product!

Here are some examples:

serious bids only

looks like new

mint condition

no cracks

only (no.) made

readable serial no.

sealed air tight

still in package

with serial number

works like new

in very good shape




been well kept


collector's item

everything still in tact

free shipping

hand made

hard to find

in excellent condition

It's the perfect reference if you're auctioning-off products or services to regular consumers, business owners, auction buyers and sellers, marketers, entrepreneurs, MLMer's, affiliates, web masters, executives, investors and opportunity seekers and anyone else! The uses are endless!

Use these persuasive words and phrases for almost anything...

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Web Sites

Online Auction Ads

Classified Ads

Signature Files

Business Letters

Joint Venture Offers

Business Presentations

Sales Letters

In-Person Selling

Endorsement Ads

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