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Clotel; or, the President's Daughter.

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Clotel; or, the President's Daughter.  William Wells Brown

"FOR many years the South has been noted for its beautiful Quadroon women.

Bottles of ink, and reams of paper, have been used to portray the

"finely-cut and well-moulded features," the "silken curls," the "dark

and brilliant eyes," the "splendid forms," the "fascinating smiles,"

and "accomplished manners" of these impassioned and voluptuous daughters

of the two races,--the unlawful product of the crime of human bondage.

When we take into consideration the fact that no safeguard was ever

thrown around virtue, and no inducement held out to slave-women to be

pure and chaste, we will not be surprised when told that immorality

pervades the domestic circle in the cities and towns of the South

to an extent unknown in the Northern States.  Many a planter's wife

has dragged out a miserable existence, with an aching heart, at seeing

her place in the husband's affections usurped by the unadorned beauty

and captivating smiles of her waiting-maid. Indeed, the greater portion

of the colored women, in the days of slavery, had no greater aspiration

than that of becoming the finely-dressed mistress of some white man.

At the negro balls and parties, that used to be so frequently given,

this class of women generally made the most splendid appearance."



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